Friday, February 14, 2014

True Love is More Tolerant (Than Me Anyway..)

One of the things I know that I desperately need to work on is my response to Christians critical of No Longer Quivering. The ones that show up, make some snarky remarks calling the authors/commenters various names and flounce around.

I tend to be exasperated and not very loving or accepting of them. Not that I should always be, "bless your heart" to them, but I'm ashamed I haven't managed to come up with a sane, respectful answer towards them in reply, like Vyckie always does. I always go for the sarcasm button.

Sometimes when I moderate the comments I feel like I'm working the front window at DMV. Complaints all around, yet exercising petty power to put the complainers down even when they might possibly have a valid point.

I'm going to have to work on that because I'm not particularly proud of the way I reply. It's more a knee jerk response that I've settled on based upon a few things.

  1. No tolerance for anyone or anything blame-shifting from fundamentalist Christianity. I've kept my mouth shut for years, swallowing my retorts to things that are clearly spiritually abusive. This year one of my resolutions was that I was going to speak out every single time I ran across abusive theology.
  2. Years online losing patience with those who seem to fit the label 'Stupid'. This one came out of years playing games at and finding people so dull that when playing Scrabble they were hard pressed to even come up with a two letter word after three extended turns of 2  minutes each. Show up at NLQ and you misspell simple words over and over again or seem to have no idea about punctuation or capitalization and I'll mentally sling you in the same box with the Scrabble dumbasses and point out that your lack of spelling makes it much harder for me to take you seriously. 
So, here I am, scornful, judgmental, spelling freak, cranky from the snow, cranky with Christians and abuse theology. How do I craft a response that isn't the mean spanking I itch to dish out? 

My Valentine's Day promise to the NLQ community is to come up with a nicer way to answer dissenting voices, even the ones I have to ban for pure over the top attacks.

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