Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ducked Up

During the last few weeks of outrage and defense of Phil Robertson's remarked on man anuses, vagina, happy blacks before Civil Rights and a host of other ignoramus quotations I've stayed mostly silent.

What the "Duck Dynasty" star said in his GQ magazine interview was offense and unfortunate, but really, was anyone genuinely surprised? I was not. Bruce Gerencser pointed out how fake the Robertson clan is (loved all the photos of the clan on the Redneck Rivera, the beaches of southern Alabama!) and Joe Sands seems to think that the comments were taken out of context.

Context or not, Americans seem to be divided over the importance of statements by folks on reality tv, something not worth a squirt of piss.

Let me state first I do not watch this show ever. I stopped watching A&E network when they morphed from twice daily showings of "Biography" and various British dramas to the same sort of fare that TLC now shows, sleazy reality shows exploiting lowest common denominator subcultures or fame-whoring sects/groups.

There's another reason why I cannot take the show seriously. Many years ago I was in a band and one of the areas we played in happens to be the same area that the "Duck Dynasty" Robertson's live in, West Monroe. When we'd book a gig up in rural Northern Louisiana no one would look forward to it.

Louisiana is a very culturally divided place, there's South Louisiana where I grew up, filled with Cajuns, Catholics and Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler. There is a certain sense of laid back attitude about many things in South Louisiana.

Northern Louisiana is more like Mississippi, completely different than the South. There are far less Cajuns, more people there that would fall under the not too complimentary title of Redneck. Southern Baptists and the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist flourish in the northern half of the state. Used to be mostly dry parishes and more churches than you could shake a stick at. Granted, I haven't been to the West Monroe area since 1984 when I attended a wedding but I have my doubts as to the changes in the last twenty years.

I say all this not to put down the people of that area, but to explain who and what they are. Which is why I was not surprised anyone raised there said those things. You have to look at the culture and the context when D-list celebs utter inanities. It's hateful, it's inappropriate but it's not surprising at all.

The thing I hate is that people are treating this like it's newsworthy. That Good Christians (tm) are supporting the ignorant statements like they are gospel-truth instead of the ravings of a good old boy. I hate that A&E gives ignorance and intolerance a weekly platform.

There's been enough hatred. Time to ignore reality tv and the things that come out of the mouths of supposed good Christian role models marketed by television and molded into something they are not.

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