Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Medical Care & Those Fundagelicals

The embrace of medical care by Zsuzsanna Anderson during her recent medical crisis confused me in many ways. Why? Because most of the of the mommas of the same sort of faith seem determined to confuse decent medical care with idolatry. More babies are lost to preventable conditions and bad birthing beliefs in the crunchy Christian home-birthing community than many others. Even some third world countries have a lower infant mortality rate than them.

When Zsuzsanna made the choice to do the sensible thing and seek real medical care it marked in my mind a different turn than I would have expected after reading her blog for many moons now. I was glad she took advantage of more options that many do but at the same time I wondered about the mental gyrations she would have to do to use real doctors. After all, she's been vocal about criticizing the use of antibiotics, doctors, conventional medical thought and most distressing of all, vaccinations.

I'm glad she went to a real doctor and had the procedures that at least gave her a chance to have both babies and I was sorry to hear that she'd lost one of the twins after the amnio patch. I suspect her thoughts on medical care will shift accordingly.

Just wish that part of that shift will about vaccines.

Just so you know I completely reject the idea that choosing to vaccinate your children against common childhood diseases is a personal choice. It is something that affects the entire community, the world and picking the option that puts the world at risk, children, the elderly and those with chronic illnesses is downright selfish and short-sighted. Already rates of infection from illnesses long thought eradicated have reemerged and started to climb.

The Religious Right likes to manipulate with fear and control others into a moralizing lockstep. This anti-vaccine crowd is just more of the same.

Of course, I could just be reacting to my own personal preference here considering six years ago I had whooping cough, likely contracted from some unvaccinated child. Because of my wrecked immune system I have had boosters of childhood inoculations and I can assure you I developed none of those supposedly bad things they say will happen. What I did gain was the possibility of not ending up in the hospital from Whooping Cough or having Shingles yet again. Plus immunity to all the other easily vaccinated against cooties of childhood.

I was vaccinated as a kid, but, because of the immunio suppressant therapy I am on I tend to pick up up just about everything. I am not alone in this, newborns, seniors, other sick people have that tendency too. So by vaccinating your children you are literally protecting everyone, practicing that good Christian love by caring for your brothers and sisters.

Recently I was reading a biography about our first First Lady, Martha Washington and her efforts to make sure those in her circle, her family and close friends, took the best available precautions against a killer illness in her time, Smallpox. She was vaccinated and had others inoculated. She understood the importance of eradicating what illnesses that impacted the young nation.

If Martha was able to be a Christian and see the need to protect others as well as herself then why can't a subset of our world understand they are impacting us all by refusing to even consider something that is simple and free under most healthcare plans? A moment's pain and a lifetime of protection.

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