Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why Can't Pants Be 'Feminine'?

The Modesty Debate rages on.

Today for No Longer Quivering I posted a quote by Stacy McDonald of Ladies Against Feminism and Raising Virtuous Daughters about why she and her daughters always wear skirts.

I guess if you're swanning around doing dishes, updating your blog and attending prayer meetings as the main bulk of your day skirts might work. But you know what? For the rest of us poor slobs to wear a skirt all day and pretend you're all holy and righteous for not allowing the fabric of pants between our legs would be an awful choice.

Stacy claims it's because skirts are more 'modest'. Hate to bust her protected fantasy bubble life but it's possible to wear a skirt and be what she would consider 'immodest'. Or that ever popular Michelle Duggar term 'defrauding'. Just open your eyes and go out to just about any place in normal society and you will see girls in skirts of all lengths and tightness.

Wearing a skirt doesn't automatically confer modest status on anyone just like wearing pants doesn't turn a woman into manly being.

What about dressing appropriately for your day and stop with all this modesty nonsense? Has Stacy even bothered to notice that there are many job positions out there filled with ladies wearing pants. Nurses in hospitals wear pants and I don't think anyone could ever accuse them of being 'immodest'. Scrubs are meant to be worn loose, revealing nothing of the shape, not because it might tempt someone but because it's not comfortable, good for the patients or practical for the job to be tricked out like a hoochee momma.

The psychiatric facility I work at doesn't allow skirts to be worn for practical reasons, chasing a patient, the fact that it's a farm in the middle of nowhere, there are a thousand reasons why you wouldn't wear a skirt. Today's reason would be because it's in the high thirties out there right now. Your legs would freeze.

But there are rules about those pants, they have to be loose and cannot be leggings. Modesty at the facility. Not for some made up crap you're using a few out of context scriptures to support. Tight pants and low cut tops might trigger some of the sexually abused patients. It's for the protection of the patients. That sort of modesty makes logical sense.

You say you want to return to a Biblical standard of dress, but.. do you realize that in the Bible times both sexes dressed the same in long robes? Where's your long robes if you are trying to emulate the standards of the Bible?

Myself and most of the women I know are secure enough in their sexuality and bodies to wear what is appropriate for whatever we are doing for that day, knowing that clothes don't make the woman, you can be feminine and wear pants and who gives two hoots what other people think of your way of dressing.

I thought the same as you when I was still attending a patriarchal church even if the church said nothing about wearing skirts only all of the time. Somewhere along the line I absorbed that same poisonous message women's bodies were like snakes or deadly bombs so you had to disguise them to be pure. But eventually I realized that thinking that way was merely fetishizing clothing choices for the silliest of reasons, the reaction of someone else.


  1. Having read both your article and Mrs. MacDonalds it seems to me very clear that both of your arguments flow out of a sense of who you want to be, and who you wish to relate to.

  2. Vaughn, I love skirts too and still wear them. They're just not practical for shimming up a tree to pick apples or washing the car. I'm all for dressing in whatever way makes you feel comfortable, I would like to see people stop fetishizing their choice. You want to rush about in skirts, fine, just stop trying to make me do the same. It's another issue about choices.

  3. I was not arguing for, or against, skirts etc., althoI have my own view. I was stating that, having read her article, and yours, one thing that really struck me was how different the arguments were in their 'raison d'etre'... ie who you both wish to be. As you say, your goal is 'comfort'. While Mrs. McDonald no doubt wishes to be comfortable, I doubt that is her highest goal in her dress code.