Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Revisiting Modest: Skirts Versis Pants

In the modest battle exactly who gets to decide what is modest? Who's standards do we chose if we're going to present ourselves as 'modest'

The Bible doesn't say "You must wear skirts only!". It does address women and men not dressing the same. But in reality in those times women and men wore very similar garments, long robes very close to what is worn in the Middle East today by women. Abayas with a head dress called either a Jilbab or a Hijab.

An Abaya worn with a Jilbab. The ultimate in 'modest' clothing. But I know that Christian fundamentalism that insists only on the wearing of long skirts would reject this model as Biblical modesty, even if this is the reality of modest clothing in Biblical eras. THIS is what we're talking about, not modified Little House on the Prairie look, not long skirts sewn on an ancient Singer sewing machine, not my silly pants, this is what was worn when Paul was busy making up rules for men and women that might or might not have been divinely inspired.

I have several Abayas and I wear them on those days when I'm home sick from work. The days when I don't want to lay around in my night gown but I'm really feeling much too under the weather to wear other clothes. Very comfortable and beautifully embroidered. Rather impractical for much activity.

But how are carefully worn pants with the right tops any less modest. Yesterday the outfit I wore for work showed about as much skin as the lady in the Abaya photo. Just hands and face. Yes, I wore pants, loose corduroy pants, a black loose tunic turtleneck sweater topped with a silk brocade tunic vest that fell nearly to my knees, skimming over and disguising my rear end and the boobage. I thought I was was pretty modestly dressed and even my tops were nearly as long as dresses but somehow this doesn't meet a Biblical standard of modesty?

I've come to the conclusion if you are not showing off your 'goodies' then you're likely dressed modestly. But if you really want to make sure you're modest and Biblical then you should wear an Abaya and Jilbab. Easy to buy online.

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