Friday, November 8, 2013

How, Michelle, How?

As I got up this morning and stumbled through my routines it came to me that one of the big reasons I've uncomfortable with the way Michelle Duggar promotes her lifestyle is that I cannot figure out how she manages to hand out that essential one on one time that good mothering takes every single day.

My children are all grown and out of the house, but my mornings are a cacophony of demands for attention. Because I have animals, a few rescue kitties and tropical birds, some of which are rescue. The numbers fluctuate depending on how many birds I'm fostering. The noise starts the second my feet hit the floor in the bedroom, everyone lets me know that they indeed know I am awake and they want me right that moment. My day starts taking care of their needs and showering them with one on one love and affection. It's not always easy.

If it's a big part of my morning to meet the needs of my poor abused little animals then I can just imagine how hard it would be to accomplish the same thing with a large family of little children.

How on earth can you possibly do that effectively when you have enough children to field a baseball team? The logistics of it would be staggering, you might only get a handful of minutes with each child to pour into them special love and attention. I can only imagine a scene like that in the animated movie "Antz" where the queen ant is handed each newborn she births every few seconds and gives them only a cursory bit of attention completely lacking in love.

But I know that's not the reality of Michelle Duggar's motherhood because she obviously does love her children from what we see on their show, books and website. She does want the best for them. But does her best include having time for each of her precious children? I can't see how, and I suspect this is where the 'buddy' system they use kicks in.

Which is really unfortunate. No older brother or sister is going to be able to completely replace mom and a mothers love.

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