Sunday, September 1, 2013

Why Isn't Robin Thicke Being Pilloried?

While Ladies Against Feminism and many other ministries and others not religiously inclined are busy clutching their oversized Marge Simpson pearls over Miley Cyrus's performance on last Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards program there is almost dead silence over the other person there, Mr. Robin Thicke.

You know Robin, he of the Beetlejuice-esque black and white striped suit grinding on Miley Cyrus's boney butt during her twerking and singing? He of the song, Blurred Lines, with the very rapey-rape culture lyrics that hint that some women just are asking for it? That seems to glorify date rape? The 36 year old married father who should have known better than to rub himself up against a foolish 20 year old? Yeah, him.

Doesn't he bear at least 50% of the blame for this public display of lewdness? If you're going to scream and call Ms. Cyrus' dance 'obscene' then you have to think that perhaps Mr. Thicke should have never participated.

After all, who hasn't done some amazingly stupid things at 20 years old, things they would never do at 36. Miley is young and she's obviously working out some rebellion in full view of the world. You can almost excuse her knowing what a screwed up family dynamic she comes from added to the fact that The Mouse House, Disney, owned her for nine long years. It looks like Preachers Kid Syndrome from here to me. Let's all agree that it wasn't her most shining of moments and move on.

But Thicke did not act with the maturity of his age, he was fully in the act, the recipient of a crotch-grab followed by Miley backing her bucking hips against the front of his pants. He, father of a daughter, without any shame, behaved like a sexed up lunatic pimp in front of millions of viewers. Yet no media mention of his part in the collective gasp heard round this world.

Oh no, it's pile on the girl, just like in that awful rape case in the media these last few weeks. You know the one, where the teacher had sex with a 14 year old girl, the victim killed herself and the judge said the victim "as much in control of the situation" as her teacher the rapist.

As long as society keeps slut shaming women for their sexuality expressions, even if they agree with them, and refuses to hold men accountable, perpetuating the whole purity culture rape culture, then nothing will change. Your attacker could be slapped on the wrist because of what you wore or some supposedly seductive dance you did. No consequences or blaming on the guys.

Robin Thicke, SHAME on you! You bear the greater part of the blame for that silly sad incident on the MTV stage. You should be publicly shamed as much if not more than Cyrus.

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