Wednesday, July 24, 2013

True Love Doesn't Devalue Children and Their Needs.

This morning I posted on NLQ a piece by quiverfull author Jay Younts from Shepherd Press. Basically he was saying that if you give into a child's needs or wants not only are you creating someone with entitlement issues, selfishness and a sinner, you've doomed them to a path that leads to drugs, promiscuity, porn, and all sorts of dire warnings.

While I think kids that whine and throw tantrums aren't desirable anymore than Jay does I cannot believe he tossed in there this -

"If your children believe the lie that getting instant relief from their discomfort or discontent is ultimate, then they are bound by the power of sin."
Say what? When did meeting the needs of your child needing relief from discomfort turn into a sin and not good parenting?  It sounds to me like he's even advocating forcing your child to wait til it's convenient for you to deal with their needs.  A child with fever needs relief, a thirsty child needs a drink, a sick child needs your help and a tired child needs a nap. It's not creating a selfish monster to meet the need of your precious child in the moment.

If you want to get all Biblical about it there are warnings about not provoking your child to wrath and saying that a good parent wouldn't give their child a stone for bread. Meeting the needs of another is what mothers do, not encourage whining.

What is it about these Fundamental Christians that they always seem so mean-spirited about their children? They say they love the kids yet rarely do what is actually best for that child in any given moment, it's all about controlling the child instead of loving it. That makes me want to puke!

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  1. With a 4 month old at home, I can currently confirm that, in all actuality, giving in to their demands in a timely manner IMPROVES their personality no end. Especially naps.