Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Why

... because I felt a serious need to move my discussions of fundamentalist quiverfull blog Von Ohlman to a different space instead of clogging up my personal blog with discussions on the purity culture/rape culture.

I propose to look at the rape culture imbedded in the world of courtship, betrothal and early marriage promoted by American Christian as the ideal we're all supposed to be emulating.

There are two different points best expressed by True Love Waits/Courtship camp and True Love Doesn't Wait lone gunman, both proposing paths towards matrimony that are radically opposite.

One thing that both of these movements fails to pick up on, there is no mention of True Love in the Bible. The Bible has plenty to say about love, even a little bit on romantic love, but nothing you could call True Love as defined by either camp.

Once or twice a week or when I feel a need as a liberal Christian to get all ranty I'll be posting my thoughts on love and what fundamentalist Christianity tends to get very wrong by their own perspicacity. I'll keep my cat stories and complaining about my chronic health condition in my main blog, concentrating only on the Biblical here.

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